Capturing the colors, textures and taste that surround us through words, rhymes and photos.


What’s your name? Jenny Leigh Bingham

How old are you? I’m feelin’ 22.

When did you start blogging? May 2012

What made you want to start blogging? My love for writing and a need to get my thoughts out onto paper (err… computer screen.)  Although I would label myself as an extrovert — I can be loud and bossy — I always found myself noticing all the little things of life.  While I went about my extroverted life, I was always dwelling internally on deeper concepts and musings, just tidbits here and there.  One early summer evening I decided to collect and document all of these smaller, deeper thoughts through a blog, and Sweet Tea & Memories was born!

Why did you choose the name Sweet Tea & Memories? As a journalist, I have been trained on the importance of headlines, titles, etc.  I knew I had to encapsulate the theme, style and tone of my blog within a few words.  I am a Southern girl born and raised, and any true Southern understands the importance of Sweet Tea.  It’s more than just a drink — it’s a symbol of a more simple but sweet lifestyle.  It’s a reminder to slow down and notice all the little things.  From there, I knew I needed something that flowed well with Sweet Tea but still incapsulated what my blog was about.  I knew I wanted to write about instances that had stuck with me — pictures, words and rhymes that created memories.  Sweet Tea & Memories.

Where do you find your inspiration? Everywhere.  To avoid sounding cliche, I’ll elaborate.  Early on in college, I had a professor tell me that a successful person should always carry a small notebook around with them because you never know when an idea can hit you.  I find myself doing six different things at once — I have 20 tabs pulled up on my web browser, while flipping through two different magazines, while watching Netflix and then suddenly deciding that I want to change the blog’s color scheme.  I open my mind to every sensation around me and if I’m moved, then I write down what caught my attention.  This is what motivates my posts.  The people around me, the food I eat, the outfits I see… anything that stands out ends up in my notebook.  And then eventually on my blog.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Good luck on your new adventure. Enjoy what life gives you, and do not take those that mean the most to you for granted. I hope that your family is doing well, and I know that they will miss you. So remember to call.

    Thanks for being Kristin’s room mate freshman year.

    Shay Re’ (Kristin’s mom)

    • Thank you so much. And thank you for thinking of me! I can’t believe how quickly four years came and went. Seems like yesterday I would bust out laughing when Kre was on the phone with you…you two are hysterical together 🙂

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