New Life Goals

It’s officially been an entire month since my last post.  The last time I went this long without posting was actually last summer.  I guess there’s just something about the summer time that translates into carefree living, with less reflecting and therefore less blogging.

I am officially moving up to New York City in a week and three days, (not like I’m counting or anything) which has been my biggest goal for the past year.  Now that I’ve actually started to live out my dream, it’s time to set some goals for my new life in the Big Apple!


1) Learn to break the rules and be OK with it.
I’ve always been in awe of people who can just throw all care to the wind and make decisions without worrying about what consequences will follow.  I want to learn to let go like this.  I’ll always think things through, because that’s who I am, but I won’t worry as much about consequences.

2) Meet new people, and give EVERYONE a chance.
I’ve never been the type that’s too quick to judge but sometimes I find myself thinking, “Oh I won’t like hanging out with that person,” or turning down invitations because I don’t necessarily feel that the relationship is going to go anywhere.  I want to learn to be patient and give friendships and relationships time to form… not everything is going to be an instant connection.

3) Fall in love.
I always thought it was silly when girls would say that they didn’t know how to open up after a bad breakup.  That one bad experience ruined their dating lives forever.  But I have become one of those girls.  After having my heart broken, I spent years dating but never really giving anyone a chance.  I figured if I didn’t fall in love, then I would never have to be as sad as I was — I would never have to go through that excruciating pain again.  It’s time I get over that fear.


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