An Ode To The Men Who Sang Me Through College

It is high-time I pay tribute to the two men who helped me earn my college degree. They didn’t offer any insightful advice, write a check for March’s tuition bill or bring me a late-night coffee while I studied for an exam.

They simply made music.

Timeflies, otherwise known as Cal and Rez, are the dynamic duo that stole my heart three years ago with their Under the Sea cover. They met at a college party when they were separately dared by friends to free-style — Cal offering the lyrics with Rez dropping the beats.

Fast-foward and you have a duo that loyally posts to Youtube every Tuesday with covers of pop songs mixed with Rez’s home-made beats and free-style rhymes by Cal. Even now that Timeflies has their own album, they never let their incredibly loyal fans down and still surprise listeners every Tuesday with a new cover.

If you are a little wary of Top 40 Hits and cliche covers, Timeflies will offer you a much more complex listening experience. Whether Cal is drawing words out of a hat and incorporating them on-the-spot into the song, or Rez is combining his own house-music beats with steel drum rhythms, this duo offers a catchy and more complicated take on the simple.

So cheers to you Timeflies, for being the soundtrack to all of my study sessions, my dance parties and heartthrob obsessions for the last three years.

The two-minute post that hooked me…


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