Take Me Back


I spent a few hours in a small hair salon today where Diet Coke is the drink of choice and everyone asks “how your momma is doin’.”  Most of the patrons share birthdays in the ’20s and ’30s and talk about WWII and “the way things use to be.”

The men sport top hats, which they take off with one hand, while holding the door open with the other, for the woman that is walking beside them– chivalry is not dead.

The talk is all gossip but laced with a southern twang that makes me smile and reminds me of why I will always love the South.  It’s true what they say, southern people are always in everyone else’s business.  But it’s because they care to make deeper connections with others around them.

It’s small town moments like these that reaffirm the uplifting power of a simple conversation with a stranger.

Photo: Small salon mid-afternoon, NC

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