Brian Atwood

photo copy 2I began interning with PR Consulting in NYC– a brand development and PR firm for fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries — a week ago, and the first task I was assigned  was to organize all of the magazines in the copy room.  Basically, I spent three hours stacking, alphabetizing and reorganizing three-years-worth of magazines, that at one-point featured or mentioned any of the 72 brands represented by PR Consulting.

At first the task seemed pretty monotonous and never-ending, but I was allowed to keep any of the magazines that were duplicates or outdated. To a magazine-lover like myself, this was a small-scale Christmas.  While flipping through the June issue of Elle Magazine, I found a recipe for a fun summer drink made by Brian Atwood — one of the designers that I’m working with this summer.

Who knew Brian Atwood could design shoes, as well as come up with yummy drinks! (See the article here.)


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