UNIQLO & Getting In the Know



I’m a southern girl at heart, but when it comes to clothing, fashion and style, New York has my heart.  I visited UNIQLO for the first time today and fell in love.  When I entered the store, I told myself I did not need any more clothes, especially after seeing the hole that will be my closet this summer in Manhattan.  But I stumbled upon all sorts of patterned and colors pants — my absolute weakness, and walked out with two pairs (a similar pair pictured here.)

Not only did I love the vibe of the store — all of the clothes were well organized & the space well-lit — but I felt there was some kind of story I needed to dive into once I got home — something about the brand that made shopping about more than just the clothes.

UNIQLO started as a single store in Japan, but has since spread internationally.  They pride themselves on their commitment to social responsibility and developed multiple initiatives such as the UNIQLO Recovery Assistance Project, All-Project Recycling Initiative and Clothes For Smiles.  They publish “The Power of Clothing” and distribute it in their stores to highlight their commitment toward making the world a better place through the power of clothing.

Photos: UNIQLO, New City, New York


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