Light Night Snack & Bringing Memories Back

photoIt’s funny — the things that make us remember someone when they aren’t around.  When that person is present in our lives, we go about our daily business, not giving a second thought to these songs, objects, places, words, that remind us of this person.  But once they’re gone — physically, mentally, whatever it may be — these things come alive.

Every corner you turn, there’s something there to remind you.  The usual emotion that is conjured up is sadness, regret, remorse, anger.  And that’s all fine and well.  Allow yourself a few days of these feelings, but on the fifth day, do yourself a favor.  When you see those reminders, let it make you stronger.

If someone is no longer in your life, there is a reason for it.  That was the way it was meant to be, because if it wasn’t, they would still be there.  Whether it was a tragedy, a lie, a matter of time or distance — whatever the reason may be — this person came into your life to teach you something, show you something, and they exited your life to do just the same — to teach and show you.

So let the reminders build your courage.  Know that their presence wasn’t a waste.  And if it’s anger toward that person that you’re dealing with, know that you are a better person without them.  It was their mistake to let you go.

Photo: A late night snack that brought a lot of memories back


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