Something Borrowed & Something Blue

pool and book

One of my favorite things to do at the start of summer is make a trip to the library, wandering up and down the rows of books, searching for the novels I will spend my summer getting lost in.  And although we have all been advised to not judge a book by its cover, I make my selection simply by the color and fonts on the spines of the books.  It’s a kind of game I play, because I have a theory that if the cover is aesthetically pleasing to my personal taste, then the inside contents will be pleasing as well.

Thinking back on year’s past, I don’t think this strategy has ever let me down.  In fact, I’ve come to find that most often, the stories inside help me to take a break from real life.  Some may say my taste is a bit shallow, but girly-girl books — where the character faces every day challenges and goes through heartbreak, family troubles, and struggles at work but ends up with the man of her dreams by the last page (you know the rest) — are so nice as an easy read to take you away from the sometime harsh realities of life.

I’m by no means a pessimist, nor someone who believes they will never find true happiness in their own life, and I can’t quite call myself a hopeless romantic (I guess I’m just a little too much of a realist for that), but when total and complete happiness can be found in the matter of 400 pages, why not enjoy that bliss?

Photo: Pool-side, Something Blue by Emily GiffinNew York Times bestselling author of Something Borrowed (turned into a box-office hit)


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