Saying Yes & Ditching the Stress

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 8.02.18 PMRecently I’ve been spending much more time than I usually would just hanging out with friends — watching movies, getting drinks, sitting on rooftops eating french fries.  It’s strange to think how much we limit ourselves on a daily basis.  We never just say “yes” to everything.  Unintentionally, I started accepting every invitation thrown my way, regardless of the meeting I had the next morning or the paperwork pulled up on my Mac that needed to be filled out and submitted.

I’ve been surprised with what this has done for my overall mood and well-being.  The past two weeks have been some of the happiest days I can remember.  It sounds silly, but it’s amazing how liberating it is to say “yes” — to rekindle old friendships, start new ones and meet new people.

Order a second drink, stay up all night watching movies, and respond to that text about getting dinner.  Surprise yourself.

Photo: Apple martinis at Sushi Blues Cafe


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