Fitting Pieces & New Releases

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It has taken me years to realize something that seems so simple — things will always get better.  No matter the situation, no matter how intense your current level of despair, find comfort in the notion that this helplessness will not remain forever.  It sounds terribly cliche, but I’ve experienced quite a few instances now where I thought I would never be completely happy again or where I was certain that I screwed up beyond repair, only to find that with time, not only were things fixable, but they ended up better than before.

In times of pain, don’t dwell on what is upsetting you.  Find ways to distract yourself, and keep your eyes on the future.  Life is a silly thing that, at times, seems to make absolutely no sense.  But somehow the giant puzzle known as life ends up working itself out.  All of the pieces find their way into the proper place — after being scrambled around, dropped on the floor, lost under the couch and slobbered on by the dog — to make an incredible picture.


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