Random Acts & Relaxed Tasks

be a king

We tend to judge success by how many things we can cross off our To Do list or how many meetings we can rush to in one day.  We forget that not everything we do has to have a purpose or have a tangible, immediate result.  As our society becomes more & more obsessed with constant interactions and immediate results, we forget to stop and do something crazy.  Do something that provides you with relaxation, joy or entertainment for a few moments — the word won’t end, I promise.

While walking down the street, I noticed a table with two boxes.  One labeled “Tasks”, the other “Completed Tasks.”  You were to pick a task, complete it, and then write a new task for someone else that comes along.  My task: Create a crown & be a king.

I spent the next 15 minutes constructing a crown out of yellow construction paper and tape.  Other people walked by and asked what I was doing and why I was doing it.  All I could say was, “I’m making a crown and being a king, cause that’s what this slip of paper said to do… so I’m doing it!”

I couldn’t add this to my resume or cash it in for pay.  I was a little late to my next engagement and I had no other purpose for my paper crown, but I felt a sense of freedom.  I felt like a child that does things just because these activities bring them joy.  I normally wouldn’t stop and do something of this nature (I have a hard time doing anything that I don’t see a concrete purpose behind), but I was reminded — yet again — of how the simplest of things can impact your day.

Loose yourself in something abstract.  Take time to have fun.  Refresh and renew.



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