Clean Lines & Office Finds


In this day & age, work days are no longer a 9 to 5 affair.  They are 24/7, 365 tasks, with your work following you via iPhone, email, iPad and even your Twitter account.  No matter where you are, there is someone needing something.  The traditional cubicle in the corner is finding itself obsolete as style is making itself known in the office.

If you have to be working, why not do it in an atmosphere that you yearn to be in?  Spend some time designing your office space — whether in your home office or your company’s office.  Surround yourself with a few small things you love, they will serve as daily inspiration.  Keep things simple and stick with light furniture to keep your space bright.

If you make your office look like a room out of a home magazine or Pintrest, you will love coming into your space — even if it is to work.

Photo: A friend’s office space.


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