High Clouds & Summer Miles


So you board the airplane and wait for everyone else to take their seat.  You hear the pilot say to fasten your seat belts and you back away from the terminal, but you spend the next 20 minutes just barely moving down the runway – anxiously waiting to finally get off the crowd.  Every few minutes the engine will rawr a little and you think it’s finally time for take off.  But then it dies down again and you’re still just inching along.  Finally the plane starts speeding down the runway and before you know it you’re heart jumps up into your throat for a few seconds as the plane soars higher and higher.  Before you know it, you’re landing – thousands of miles from where you started,but in just the blink of an eye.  You waited so impatiently for your journey to get started, and then it’s over.  So learn to slow down, enjoy even the slowest of moments, because before you know it – not only has your journey started, but it’s over.

Photo – Out of the window of an airplane 25,000 feet in the sky over Mississippi, June 2012, 7a.m.


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